In the spring of 2011, my then-girlfriend (and now-wife) Megan Bonstein, a survivor of chronic myelogenous leukemia, was nominated for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's annual Man & Woman of the Year competition. This campaign's goal was to have blood cancer survivors, friends and family of survivors, and other supporters of the fight against blood cancer, to raise as much funds as possible for LLS in competition. Megan's team Megahope: Gratefully Giving Back, raised $37,847 for LLS. My contribution - besides my ongoing love and emotional support - included creating these logos, flyers, and other graphics to promote the campaign.

Postcard A promotional postcard, which was both sent to friends and family as an appeal to donations, and distributed to cafes and other businesses to promote the campaign.
Cuatro de Mayo Cuatro de Mayo - held, naturally, on May 4 - was a fundraising get-together at Mercury Bar in Hell's Kitchen, which featured special drink and food discounts and a raffle.
Climbing Mountains for Leukemia Climbing Mountains for Leukemia was Megan's family's Atlanta-based event - a "vertical walkathon" of sorts where donors could sponsor walks up three northern Georgia peaks by altitude.
Rock Across Quincy Rock Across Quincy was a Boston-based fundraiser for Megahope, organized by Megan's brother in law, former Kicked in the Head bassist Ryan Dowd.